Pokemon Kanlara Adventures ROM v1.4 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon Kanlara Adventures
Released DateJanuary 26, 2019


It is an adventurous as well as mysterious gameplay that users have come across before. Kanlara is a region where the players were born. It is also a reputed place for action & adventure both. With the time, you are now spawning and you are grown up here. The rivals & the sincere friends are willing to meet up with you. Users have read the local schools of this region & make a bond with teachers & classmates also. So, the Prof. has a kin desire to meet both the player & friend also.

Prof. Oaks is a renowned & old Prof in this region. After meeting. Prof. Oaks will teach you about the “Team Rocket”, a criminal group of the cursed world. The people of Kanlara are now in fear of “Team Rocket” as they have the intention badly to attack the region & destroy it initially. Supposedly, you gain the first Pokemon & together with your rivals, are now ready to begin an adventure. As a supreme GYm leader, you can get the opportunity to be the best trainer. For that, the players will have to fight against Team Rocket & stay tuned until they get the victory. Thus the battle will come to an end & the users can achieve the leadership & save the region out of danger.


  • In the new plot, Kanlara region the users can get here & excitingly the adventure gets started from here.
  • Players will be glad to know that this ROM will be played on the original map, not the fake.
  • From the 1st to 7th Gen, beginners can obtain a variety of Pokemon & utilize them in the game.
  • The PHYS/SPEC ability are now separated i.e. divided here.
  • Some extravagant features such as X-Scissor from the 4th Gen & movesets from the 7th Gen are really helpful for the users.
  • In the 4th gen, the sprites but styled Pokemon have that seem to be fruitful.


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