Pokemon FireRed VR Missions ROM v1.0 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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ROM NamePokemon FireRed VR Missions
Released DateJuly 15, 2018


This ROM gameplay is full of challenges, adventure as well as fighting. The developer of this game is Ephraim225. Users have seen such types of FireRed hack. It is some different type of others. It has a long storyline & make ensures that it will surely impress the players & force them to play such kind of amazing hacks for more satisfaction.

Supposedly, the gameplay starts in the region of Johto. it is a region full of excitement, as well as fighting, which is the main theme here. Let’s begin an adventure in a new universe through the Johto region. The VR missions are now offering you to reach the Pokemon world & use the items they need. There will be some methods on how to arrive at the new verse. Most probably there are 30 stages that the users will have to cross. Each stage has its unique gimmick that will make sure the users run & play the game smoothly. One thing that will have to be remembered by the users. Whether they will get familiar with the Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness that included Battle Sim, it may be helpful for you. Instead of battling, users can be satisfied with solving the puzzle here attached to the battles.


  • Users are recommended to utilize the other gimmick moves to make the gameplay more accessible.
  • Players with their low-tier team can come up to the challenge ground while their rivals are more powerful than him.
  • Now, it is the time for the starters to beat the powerful rivals named Mega Kangaskhan just by slur-puffing.
  • If the users need to survive, they can solve the puzzle instead of battling.
  • At the very end, users can get a mini reward i.e. a surprise if they cross all 30 stages one by one.


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