Pokemon Fire Gold ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Free Download

ROM NamePokemon Fire Gold
Released DateSeptember 05, 2022


This ROM is made for the Gameboy Advance system by Tzx211. This ROM is also the hack of Pokemon FireRed ROM and if you already play this game then you find few changes. The story comes with a few more improvements and you definitely need to play on your GBA console or emulator. The Plot looks like the players can travel and explore the Johto & Kanto region. Here you need to take the challenge of various Gym Leaders. Also, face the challenge of Team Rocket as well. You can easily defect the Team Rocket using Pikachu Pokemon.

As a player, your main goal should be to re-battle with the Gym Leader and win Gym Badges. Now, you should collect most of the Badges to participate in the biggest Pokemon tournament. In this way, you become the best Pokemon trainer in that region. But before this, you need to explore the island to find new Pokemon and train them. There are 16 Gyms available for the Pokemon battle.


  • Explore both the Johto and Kanto regions and their cities to find new Pokemon.
  • Play this game with full HD graphics with intensive music.
  • Find 16 Gyms to take the challenges for battle and win Gym Badges.
  • Get a new Fairy-type Pokemon with unique moves, abilities, and weaknesses.
  • Lots of events and contests are available such as Cameo events and Bug catching contests.


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