Pokemon Fat Kid ROM Beta 1.2.4 [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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VersionBeta 1.2.4
DeveloperLe Pug
Released DateJuly 21, 2018


It is a famous region as we know that the reputed PC inventor Mr. Bill is dwelling here. Besides it is full of wonderful & the new technology makes the place very popular for the users to play. Not only that but also the region is regarded as one of the best Donut shops in the whole land. If the players enter, they will listen to great sounds but one thing is going to be tremendous. The notorious “Team Hippo is now preparing to blow up the region. Also, read Pokemon Legends Arceus NSP ROM EA SPORTS FC 24 NSP ROM


  • The Professor will be unable to take the intro to prove themselves as a renowned one.
  • Besides the new trainer sprites, the users will find the evil group named “Team Hippy”.
  • Players will get the Porygon as a starter & then they will get the chance to exchange at least six Porygon.
  • New Pokemon cries, new tiles, donuts & apple pies are extraordinary features.
  • The Pokemon especially Tech type Pokemon are there to use for battling.
  • The fat kid is the real hero here & his scooter is now transformed into a bike.


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