Pokemon Desert Version ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Download

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VersionAlpha 0.2v1.0
Released Date June 25, 2018


The Desert Version has superb gameplay with unique storylines. This hack is also available for GBA & the creator named 777ID777 will deserve thanks for gifting us such kinds of ROM. The main themes we will observe here are also adventure, action as well and strategy-based. The exciting players are ready to play finally with a controversial mindset. Let’s start this entire game.

You are now in a deep sleep & watching a daydream. The players will find in his dream a gastly, poisonous Pokemon full of gas in the night. You are also still finding a Trapinch who is needy to show him of danger & rescue. You are a Pokemon trainer supposedly & appoint your Bam the starting Pokemon to begin the gameplay. Not only the users but also the neighborhood around him have their Pokemon of earlier versions. So, you need to fight at first with them & defeating them the users can reach the main city they want to escape. Then the next decision you can take here is to meet up with Brandon, a renowned GYM fighter as well as a resident of the Hoenn region. The Starters will feel blessed to meet such kind of sincere friend. He will give you detailed instructions about the GYM challenge where you need to go to fight once again. Also, read Hollow Knight NSP ROM


  • This nice gameplay has a unique & multi-featured storyline.
  • The main hack starts from the Hoenn region with full of excitement.
  • New tiles are there & it is flourished also in every room here.
  • Besides you, the neighborhood of yours has already the Pokemon to show.
  • A sincere friend as well as the Pokemon renowned GYM fighter will accompany you.
  • At the end, the users can get a mini reward after completing the challenges.


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