Pokemon Animon ROM [Pre-Patched] GBA Free Download

ROM NamePokemon Animon
Released DateNovember 2, 2021


Animon ROM is a hack and modification of Pokemon FireRed and it comes with authentic gameplay. I’m saying this because users will find lots of Anime characters. If you like Anime characters such as Naruto, Digimon, Dragon Ball, and One Piece, then this ROM is made for you. Players can use their favorite Anime characters in the game and play together. Your main role should be Red and also there are many interesting characters available to choose from. The game creates and modifies each character to convert into a similar-looking Anime character. You can find the most unique story with tons of outstanding features. For example, each Pokemon can evolve to the next upgrade and it mostly being the anime character.

This game is mainly focused on the anime gameplay. So, you can find all your favorite characters to play with. It is not enough, the game also offers excellent missions and you face lots of difficulties in completing the tasks. It also offers full HD graphics with beautiful colors and sound effects. Overall, you really enjoy playing the game on your device using a GBA emulator and even a console.


  • Find lots of Anime characters from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Digimon, etc.
  • All characters can transform or evolve to the next level.
  • There are lots of unique missions and challenges are available to play with.
  • Get the maximum HD graphic on your PC or phone using the Gameboy Advance emulator.
  • Unique and engaging storyline.


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